Why Bring AI Into the Indian Education System?

AI Jan 05, 2022

India and its talents are getting limelight internationally. However, a common factor among many of them is that they either go outside the country for employment and/or enroll in universities abroad for higher studies. That is, their roots are in India but they are nurtured and then bloom in other places. Why is this so? There is obviously a large pool of talent in the country and governments at center as well as state levels are formulating policies to encourage them. Then is it the educational system? While there are a lot of discussions going around that topic; this post gives another angle to the Indian educational sector.

“According to the 2021 State of the Report for India, by UNESCO; the biggest problems in India are missing teachers and the lack of technology.”

Another perspective is that there aren’t enough teachers at the primary school levels who are well-versed in technology. Subjects in primary schools of India still revolve a lot around culture, history, language, and then a portion of mathematics.

A better option would be to include advancements in technology such as AI and data science in the curriculum of young school students.


There is a big misconception about Artificial Intelligence. The general opinion is that it is related only to machines and/or humanoids as narrated in popular Hollywood movies. However, there are several others aspects to AI. Artificial Intelligence is a different approach to managing and processing data. That is, AI enables unique methods of problem solving and designing solutions.

  • AI simplifies complex topics in any subject through mastering the art of data analytics. For example, students will learn to compare different elements of a topic before drawing a conclusion.
  • AI enables students to become experts in basic computer science and math. These subjects will become fun, in contradiction with the general emotion among several students.
  • AI gives students a 360 degree outlook of any subject. You don’t only view the curriculum, but also its purpose, practicality and the portions that can be improved.
  • AI enables collaboration of ideas. For example, while building an AI product; some students may be artistic and hence could incline towards careers in graphic designing or front-end engineering. Those who love to command lines may shift towards back-end development or machine learning engineering.
  • Coding is part of AI’s curriculum.  Hence, students in primary levels will get introduced to the basics of languages such as Python. Future app developers could be born with AI courses. Moreover, there are multiple other advantages of coding education.


That is a difficult question as the entire education system cannot be changed overnight. Even with different government policies on education, there will be challenges such as;


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