Why must AI be integrated in school curriculum?

AI FOR STUDENTS Jan 07, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept. It is much more than the general concept of what we see in movies. By definition, AI is the ability of machines to perform cognitive tasks such as thinking, perceiving, learning, problem solving, and decision making. In simpler words, AI enables machines to mimic humans. It is well known that people use their brains to perceive, learn, use logic, and determine actions.  Now what if machines could be enabled to do the same, but only on instructions? Think of the several mundane tasks that Machines can do while we concentrate on more productive work. But AI requires knowledge of coding, high level mathematics and in logical algorithms. All these could be huge to digest at later stages and this is one of the reasons why AI must be introduced in school curriculum.


Artificial Intelligence has already dominated large parts of our lives and we are still ignorant. Our young generation is witnessing many uses of AI every day. For example, most (if not all) have Gmail accounts. In this, Google makes suggestions about what words to use to respond to a given email and/ or project follow up reminders. Then what about Facebook? In addition to helping us connect with people, Facebook also makes suggestions about our priorities, personal needs and preferences. All domains of life; including medicine, manufacturing, tourism, and defense are currently getting impacted by the use of Artificial Intelligence. Hence, it is essential that students of today should study this domain to understand and later be able to expand this knowledge in their own interest.

AI and Machine Learning are the future of technology. Just like the internet, web/mobile apps and 4G networks made their mark in history (among many others). AI is going to be the next revolutionary moment. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason that more students must learn AI. For a deeper understanding; let us take the example of the recently introduced National Educational Policy (2020) in India.  One of the key areas it proposes in child transformation is cognitive development at an early age. This includes conceptual classification, critical thinking and Mathematics.

Actually these are some of the core values of AI. So, when the government of the country itself is proposing to reinvent the pattern of education, why can’t we integrate AI in the syllabus?

How can it be done?

This post propagates the introduction of AI in primary to middle level schooling. Hence, let us start simple.  AI as a separate subject may not make much sense to those little minds. They will continue to associate AI with what is seen in cartoons or action thriller series. Hence, it is recommended to integrate AI with other subjects.

For example, the teacher may select a topic from the subject that easily lends itself to any one of the AI concepts. He/she would, then, either select the AI concept as a tool to teach the subject topic chosen by him/her or using the understanding of the topic, he/she may be able to show a linkage to AI knowledge and usage. For example: ‘Data Collection’ is a familiar task in Mathematics and ‘Data Acquisition’ is an important basic AI concept. The teacher may use an AI based app to demonstrate Data collection in a Mathematics Class or teach the concept and functionality of the AI application through their understanding of the Data Collection operations in Mathematics.

Advantages of Introducing AI at Early States in Schools

  • AI improves analytical abilities
  • AI enables patterns in a lot of unrelated data. School students will be able to better comprehend their subjects because of this.  They will no longer need to just reply on what the teacher says.
  • AI keeps students ready for the future of technology.
  • Early introduction to the field of AI removes the need of tirelessly “mugging” up knowledge all-of-a-sudden in later stages of life.
  • Immense career opportunities.

That is interesting, right/. But there is a lot more which at SchoolForAI can help you. SchoolforAI is an online training platform offering hybrid-training sessions to school students (From grade 6 to grade 11th) on the different concepts of AI and related subjects. We understand that sudden changes like these cannot be made in the educational system overnight. Hence, we invite schools and training institutes to partner with SchoolforAI to revolutionize the mode of learning and the topics of learning. Contact us today to know more and make a difference.



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