Why AI must be taught in Schools?

AI Jan 07, 2022

AI is for real. This isn’t cinema. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we see the world and even how the world welcomes us. Just to have a glimpse, Artificial intelligence or AI refers to software that enables a machine or computer to act as well as think like humans. Want a more simple explanation? What if the computer system you are using right now speaks to you and asks your opinion about this blog? That is the simplest form of AI. The concept is becoming common in today’s world. Examples include navigation apps, self-driving cars, facial recognition security systems, automated manufacturing machines, and more. But those are just 1/10th of what is possible by excelling in AI. Unfortunately, the spread of AI is very limited in India and core reason behind this is the lack of knowledge.

It is time that the concept of AI gets introduced in the minds of primary and secondary school children.  We are getting accustomed to AI and our children will be highly dependent on it. AI helps bring about new careers, discover new drugs, augment our senses, and influence both our interaction with the world and our understanding of it. One day, it may help us eradicate war, disease, and poverty. SchoolforAI is an online as well as hybrid learning platform that focuses on AI. We are going to discuss the reasons of why AI must be introduced in school curriculum.

  • Enables Students to Gain Confidence in Approaching Difficult Subjects- The core concept in the study of AI is the ability to identify patterns in massive amounts of data and solve complex problems within seconds. Now compare this to new mathematical concepts that a middle-school student learns. He/she may not be able to digest the information or he/she may anyway be weak in maths. The concept of AI will help the student analyze every bit of data, streamline them, disregard junks, and identify valid patterns. Even if it takes some time, the student will gain confidence.
  • AI Development Gives Early Insights into Multiple Technologies- Trainers at SchoolforAI conduct sessions of AI based on students’ interest and preference. This way, some students while still in school can get to be a product manger while another gets to be the CEO of the AI product. In layman terms, we give them opportunities to replicate what will happen in a software development company if they choose those professions. When you get to experience these roles and collaboratively make a product, you can learn whether these professions are for you. With this knowledge, one can choose their majors and courses with informed decisions. To us, this is really important, and we try to infuse our students with these concepts so that they can craft their own successful pathways in life.
  • Practice Coding from a Young Age- Coding is the future of the world. It is an essential skill and the digital transformation activities of several companies require some level of coding. And the fields of AI, Data Science and Machine Learn require expertise in programming languages such as Python. Including AI in the syllabus could give students opportunities to learn coding at an early stage and that too with interest.

There are many more reasons. Join us for a discussion to know more. Or the better option would be to enroll your students, children or known contacts of those age in our sessions. In SchoolForAI, #AIisforReal.



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